How Harry Potter translates into French

I’ve slowly but surely been reading the first Harry Potter book (in French it’s called “Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers”—I’m not sure why the sorcerer’s/philosopher’s stone didn’t translate into the title, but anyway). Here’s how some of the invented terms translate:

Gryffindor- Gryffondor

Hufflepuff- Poufsouffle (my fave!)

Ravenclaw- Serdaigle

Slytherin- Serpentard

Hogwarts- Poudlard

Muggle- Moldu

Sorting hat- Choixpeau magique

Scabbers- Croûtard

Hedwig- Hedwige

Nearly Headless Nick- Nick Quasi-Sans-Tête

Chocolate Frog- Chocogrenouille

You-Know-Who- Tu-Sais-Qui/Vous-Savez-Qui

Leaky Cauldron- Chaudron Baveur

Griphook- Gripsec

Galleon- Gallion

Sickle- Mornille

Knut- Noise

Draco Malfoy- Drago Malefoy

Daily Prophet- La Gazette du sorcier

Madam Malkin- Madame Guipure

Snape- Rogue

Filch- Rusard

Madam Hooch- Madame Bibine

Mrs. Norris- Miss Teigne

Sprout- Chourave

Fang- Crockdur

Remembrall- Rapeltout

Oliver Wood- Olivier Dubois

Neville Longbottom- Neville Londubat

Madam Pomfrey- Madame Pomfresh

Bludger- Cognard

Quaffle- Souafle

Golden Snitch- Vif d’or

Mirror of Erised- le Miroir du Riséd

Philosopher’s Stone- la Pierre philosophale

Forbidden Forest- la Forêt interdite

Devil’s Snare- Filet du Diable

Bloody Baron- le Baron Sanglant

Fluffy- Touffu

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named- Celui-Dont-On-Ne-Doit-Pas-Prononcer-Le-Nom (wow)

Diagon Alley- le Chemin de Traverse

Many names have been left the same, like McGonagall, Dumbledore, Quidditch, Quirrell, Flitwick, the trio/Weasley names…

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